Touching the Divine

elke-elephantAll my life, I have had a natural inclination to touch people. When I was in my teens massage therapy eased the symptoms of a painful scoliosis in my spine. Out of this, a desire arose to bring similar benefit to other people. This planted the seed for my current profession in the healing arts.

elke-turtleAs a child I had birds, hamsters, a guinea pig and a cat. From age 14, I felt drawn to work with animals. At 18, I fell in love with horses and started riding. Being the guardian of a horse for 10 years gave me the wonderful opportunity to explore the human-animal connection.

We are mirrored in our animals and this reflection provides a key to greater awareness and a chance to transform the way “we are” with our fellow animal beings. My emphasis is on how we approach an animal, how we touch and how we talk. My desire is to show that mindful touch in particular, brings us into harmony with all living beings.

It is essential for animal caretakers to experience the power of touch on their bodies to truly understand the effect it can have on the animals in their care. My practice allows me to bring the gift of touch to humans and animals alike.

The Power of Touch

elke-rhinoI bring a holistic approach to my work and provide a safe and nurturing environment in which people can share and unburden themselves. Understanding what a person is going through allows me to become more deeply engaged and attuned to the body under my hands. This process facilitates a deep release. And the same goes for the animal species.

I also offer workshops and private consultations for professionals and animal lovers alike to enhance inter-species relations. My TTouch inspired workshops incorporate my extensive knowledge of other body-centered modalities. You will learn to refine your intuitive understanding of an animal’s sensitive nature and gain the deep satisfaction of being in true communion with the creatures you love and care for.